Sunday, January 15, 2012

"My" White House

Photo by Monterey Public Library

There is a lot of history in California and more historic buildings than anyone can count.  I'm a native Californian and am proud that so many of my ancestors are also natives.  Both of my parents, all four grandparents (five if you count my mother's step father), and four of my great grandparents were also born in California.  I guess you could say California is in our blood.

One of my first blog posts was about The White House, the store owned by my great great grandfather and several of his sons after his death.  I remember hearing about this business as a child yet could never really grasp the specifics - who owned it, what did they sell, and most important, why should I care?  But here we are half a century later and I do care and really wish I'd paid more attention way back then.

One day as I was surfing the internet I came upon a photo that started to put things into perspective a bit for me.  This White House was really a place and people actually seemed to know and care about it.  Who knew?  And after coveting the photo for awhile, I now have my very own copy framed and displayed proudly in my home courtesy of a Christmas gift from my daughter! 


  1. How wonderful! Don't we all wish we'd listened a little closer to stories told while we were children! LOL!! I know I do!
    It's really neat your daughter understood and obtained a print and had it framed as a gift. I can imagine how precious it is!

  2. Debi,
    I love this post and I'm so excited that you have a framed picture of your "White House." Beautiful.

  3. A beautiful gift. These photographs that connect us to our lineage and the work our ancestors did are so precious.