Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is the face of genealogy

This is the face of genealogy!

Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer
Bertha Schwartz Gunzendorfer

My paternal grandmother, Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer Levy, and her mother (my great grandmother), Bertha Schwartz Gunzendorfer.

Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer
Monterey High School
Class of 1915

Loraine was the Assistant Editor of the Yearbook, Monterey High School, 1915.

Loraine (Gunzendorfer) Levy
Sigmund Levy

My paternal grandparents, Loraine and Sigmund Levy.

I will never forget those who came before me.

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  1. Mildred, at top, with baby, is gorgeous! She looks like she'd be the most smart, pretty one in class today. Love capturing these youthful images and remind ourselves our very old or deceased ancestors were young, vibrant, and beautiful! Glad to have found your blogl