Saturday, April 16, 2011

I got my first fun with search terms!

Someone found me by searching!  I can't believe I've been found!

Okay, so it was someone who was apparently looking for some training in Klamath Falls, Oregon but it doesn't matter, they found me!  I wonder if they read the story about Birdie Gunzendorfer dying on the train. 

Who knew someone would find my blog by searching mortician training Klamath Falls, Oregon?


  1. Oh, you are going to have SO much fun with that in the future.

    Only here's a tip: Don't write a post called "Meet the One Whose Boob Popped Out." Because you will get every teenaged boy who ever googles boobies for ever after. Take my word for it.

  2. I got the same thrill this week when someone found me looking for the recipe for my grandmother's cookie icing. Yay!