Sunday, October 20, 2013

My favorite page!

As a young girl, I loved looking through my parents’ wedding albums and tried to imagine what it must have been like.  When I’d get to this page, I always slowed down and took my time – this was my favorite page!

There was just so much to look at and the description was beautiful.  But the one thing that really captivated me was what was hiding inside the yellow paper – the orchid that my mother carried in her bouquet.  And here it is, 63 years later.

It really didn’t look that much different all those years ago and I’m surprised that it’s held up as well as it has considering it was just smashed between two pieces of paper.

Here’s a close up of the two pages.

Wedding Attendants 2

The Maid of Honor was Mrs. Nick Renner (Jody).  I need to figure out what Jody’s maiden name was and maybe I can connect with some of her descendants.

Best Man was Mr. Robert S. Levy – my dad’s only sibling and since my mother was an only child, the only uncle I ever had.  At some point Uncle Bobo went on to get his PhD so we always knew him as Doctor.

Bridesmaids were Dona Jean Adams and Patricia O’Farrell.  I don’t know anything about either of these women.

Flower Girl was Sandra Dick.  Sandra’s grandmother was Clara McAboy, an older sister to my great grandmother, Mabel McAboy Fitzgerald, and the wedding was held in Sandra’s parents’ home.

Others who helped with serving, etc. were Betty Bell, Norma Burkhart, Ellie Miller, Jan Richter, Lorraine Follett, Pat Davis, Sally Conley, Doris Thurber.  Norma, Lorraine, and Doris were all cousins and Pat was her future sister-in-law.

Ushers and others were:  Keith Miller, Sheldon Lewis, John Hammell, Horace Chandler, Joseph Connolly, Herb Harband, Bud Richter.  I know Keith was a childhood friend and Joe was a college friend and I met both as a child.  I’ve heard the name Bud Richter before but not sure of the relationship.

And this is the page I would really study and spent hours looking at it over the years.

Wedding Description  

It looks like Jan and Bud Richter must have saved a piece of cake for them.  

And then Mom wrote:

Could any story, photographs or description ever describe the beauty of our wedding?  Not for us for the beauty to us is partly in our minds – but mostly in our hearts for it was a day we’ll never forget.

The flowers were all white – bells of white daisies were hung with chains of draped daisies.  The aisle was marked by hurricane lamp with daisies on the stands.  My flowers were baby white orchids and stephanotis & centered with a large white orchid.

My dress was of rose point lace – long sleeves, short train, full skirt over hoops, round neck – with Gordon’s gift to me – pearls.  The fingertip illusion veil was attached to a skull cap of rose point lace & edged with seed pearls.  When we left I wore a navy gabardine suite, white with blue shoes, navy & white hat, white gloves & navy bag – with white orchid corsage.

The setting was beautiful – everything was perfect – truly an occasion we’ll always remember – our wedding day!

These pictures are probably a little out of order but it seems appropriate to put them here since they show some of the things Mom described.

Here’s the girls getting ready.

Getting ready

This is a nice look at the back of her dress and the skull cap with the veil attached.  I’m pretty sure that is Jody Renner helping with her veil and, of course, Sandy Dick is the young girl.  As we cleaned out Mom’s house a few months ago, we pulled out the wedding gown that we always knew was in the hope chest in the garage – it’s actually in pretty decent condition.  We couldn’t bear to part with it so we left it inside the hope chest and it is now home with my sister.

And here’s the flowers she described. 


And, of course, some photos showing the flowers and lamps on the aisle.  Here’s Mom with her step father, Sheldon Hunter.  I see on the guest list later in the book that her father, Earle Martin, attended along with his wife, Verda, their son Michael Martin, and Verda’s two children that Earle adopted, Paul and Pat Martin.  I wonder how he felt watching someone else walk her down the aisle.

Gerry_Shell Aisle

She looks so serious – I wonder what she was thinking at that very minute.  I know she was thrilled to be marrying the man of her dreams but you wouldn’t know it by this picture.  Check out the beautiful pearls.  I wonder if we ran across those when cleaned out her jewelry.

And no wedding would be complete without the happy couple walking down the aisle after they were pronounced man and wife!

Gordon_Gerry down the aisle

And since she described her going away outfit, here it is.

Going Away

Now that I look at that BIG corsage she’s wearing I wonder if that’s the orchid she pressed and saved all these years?  Boy do they look happy – and so stylish, too!


  1. What a wonderful collection of ephemera and photographs! I think it would be fun (if you have the time) to find out more about the others mentioned.

    Perhaps she was serious when she was walking down the aisle because of what you mentioned - her step-father was walking her down the aisle and her biological father was sitting as a guest. It's wonderful to see her so happy in the last couple of photos!

  2. I love this! Of course, I'm in my own wedding world right now with my daughter. Yesterday I snipped flowers out of her bouquet to dry in silica gel. Her wedding cake top is in my freezer. I hope I did a better job with hers than I did with my own. When Barry and I ate our cake on our anniversary, it was AWFUL.

    Your mom's dress is lovely and I'm glad to know it's still around. Will anyone wear it in a future wedding? One of our friends had her mother's dress remade just to update a bit (removed a peter pan collar and scooped the neckline a bit - everything else was ok). Neither of my girls would want to wear my gown -- too 70s. But we used lace from my dress to wrap the bouquet. I hope your mom's dress will get some use again.

    1. Our wedding cake was awful, too. It must be a right of passage :-)

      I love the idea of using part of my mother's dress in the future! My daughters are both married already but maybe my niece could do something with it like you described.

  3. Debi,

    This is such a fun post! How special to have this wonderful album and all of these beautiful pictures. They really do look so happy in that last photo. And her shoes are so cute!

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

    1. They are cute shoes, aren't they? Thanks for the shout out, Jana!