Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grandma was a party animal!

One thing I’ve learned about my grandmother, Loraine Gunzendorfer, is that she was a party animal!  Okay, maybe not exactly a party animal, but she didn’t like to sit around with nothing to do.  As I approach the last few pages of the scrapbook (I’m sad about that), I find lots of mementos from dances and parties.

On June 10, 1914, Grandma attended the Hollister High School Senior Ball at Berberich Pavilion.  Here’s her ticket.

Hollister Senior Ball Ticket

Class Night

After nearly 100 years, the chips are missing.  I can see the blank area where they once were.

I guess “Class Night” and the Senior Ball were one and the same.  Maybe they had Class Night and then went to the ball?

Hollister Senior Ball 1914

Look at this – another dance card!  She talks about Gene but I don’t see his name on the card.

Hollister Senior Ball Dance Card

Had a great time.  Enjoyed all my dances so much.  Gene took me.  After the dance the kids came to the house for awhile.  Carrol Johnson interested me greatly.

Wait?  Carrol Johnson?  Who was he?  Good thing he wasn’t interested in her or who knows, maybe I wouldn’t be here today.  And whose house did they go to – Grandma’s?

And then she went to the commencement exercises on June 19th.  Turns out that San Benito and Hollister High Schools are one in the same.  Interesting that their logo is HHS (Hollister High School) yet they call it San Benito County High School here.  The school was was founded in 1875 as a grammar school and is known as the ‘Haybalers’ or ‘Balers’.

San Benito High Commencement
Class Officers
Class Roll

Well look at that – Carroll H. Johnson.  Wonder how she knew him?  Hollister is about 40 miles from Monterey – she sure got around!

And then she added this picture.  I’m not sure what it has to do with Hollister High School but she’s got it on the same page.  Loraine is 2nd from the back.

San Juan Canyon

And on the back someone wrote:  Gee this is some picture of you, note the expression ha! ha! cheer up.  I’ll have the camera do better next time.  I will send the rest later if you want them but this was too good to keep.  E.G.

Of course the picture is pretty small so I had to blow it up to see this expression E.G. wrote about.

Loraine close up

Oh E.G. was right – it is a classic expression!  Wonder who said what to get her to react that way?  Although you’ll notice a young man’s hand on her shoulder – maybe she was happy about that?  Or not.


  1. Grandmothers were not always grandmothers. They were once young women! :)

    1. I've so loved getting to know my grandmother as a young woman.

  2. Is that a "G" by the Hesitation Waltz? Maybe ol' Gene hesitated and was lost. HA.

    I'm sad too that you're near the end of the scrapbook.

    1. I'm really dreading it - but I have lots more stuff to share :-)